Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is carried out by our HETAS engineers. 

  • All our chimneys are swept by our HETAS engineers ensuring satisfaction and safety of operation for the customer.
  • Brush methods are used to ensure a thorough sweep.
  • Dust sheets are used to protect floor coverings.
  • The chimney opening is sealed to prevent dust entering the room, ensuring minimum disruption to the customer.

We visit different areas on different days, please click here to view when we are in your area. If our schedule doesn't work for you we can accommodate to suit your needs!

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Birds often nest in flues. Twigs are forced into the flue and built up. Finding these twigs in the fire place are a sure sign that a bird is nesting. You may also notice birds sitting on the flue or hear the bird through the fire. Lighting the fire will not remove the issue and may cause ignition of the material in the flue and fill your house with dangerous levels of smoke. 

Removal of nests is a specialised operation as a large amount of material can be built up in the flue.

A small brush is used to punch through the nest enabling the material and subsequent larger brushes are used to remove the remainder of the nest.

A smoke test is carried out ensuring the correct draw is available to the fire ensuring combustion is efficiently carried out and the nest is fully removed from the chimney.

Remember: Birds return to nest in the same spot!

We always advise after removal of the bird nest that a stainless steel bird guard is fitted.
Guards are made out of stainless steel, the investment is one that will last for many years to come. Guards allow safe operation of the fire and peace of mind for you the customer.


Here at Thompson Services we are able to supply and fit replacement parts for most fires. Contact one of our friendly staff today for more information on repairs or parts. 


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